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 Background and Experience
Personal History
1932 Born at Hangchiu, China
1935 Moved to Beijing
1937 Moved to hometown Wenchou during World War II
1947 Moved to Taipei, Taiwan
Academic Background
1956 B. Science in Architecture, National Chung-Kung University
Registered Architect, Taiwan
1966 M. Arch. Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI, USA
1961 Associate architect at K.C.& Y Engineers
1963 Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Chung-Yuan University,
Principle of Kong-Li architects Associates
1964 Associate architect, SMITH ˇ® Hinchman Assoc.
1968 Associate architect, Minoru Yamasaki ˇ® Assoc.
1971 Associate architect, Bertrand Goldberg ˇ® Assoc.
1974 Visiting Professor, National Chung-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
1978 Principle of C.F.Wang Architect Associates
CEO of Kuang-Li Engineers and Constructions Ltd.
Member of Taipei Architects' Associationˇ@
Member of Kaohsiung Architects' Association
Member of ROC Architectural Society
2000 Taipei International Art Festival and Exhibition, Taipei
2000 Gallery of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
1999 Culture Center of A.I.T (American Institute in Taiwan), sponsored by A.I.T.
1999 National Ching Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
1998 National Concert Hall Gallery, Taipei
1998 Soon Art Gallery, Singapore
1998 Kwang-Hwa Inofrmation and Culture Center, Hongkong
Architecture Design
(Early Projects at Taiwan)
1961 Guards' camp for the Pesidential Palace
Dinghsin Camp and housing quarters for Ministry of Defense, Taipei
1962 I-lan High Court of Justice building and domitory, I-lan
1963 Hsinchu High Court of Justice building and dormitory, Hsinchu
1963 Kaohsiung City Concil Hall Phase I, Kaohsiung

(Projects in US)
1965 Planning proposal of Detroit Stadium, Detroit, MI
1970 World Trade Center (twin towers), NYC, NY
1973 Peter Pan Grabam Hospital, Harvard University, MA
1974 Health Science Center, NYU, NY
1974 Century Plaza, Los Angeles CA

(Projects at Taiwan)
1977 Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Centerˇ]Golden-Tripod winnerˇ^, Kaohsiung
1981 Hsingan housing complex of the Taipei municipal government (150 units)
1982 Ch-Eng budding, Shan Tao Temple, Taipei
1982 National University of Taiwan staff quarters at Wenchou Street and Chhua Street, Taipei
1983 Taiwan Provincial Vocational Training Center of southern division
1983 Kaohsiung City Concil Hall Phase II, Kaohsiung
1984 Control Yuan conference building (winner of design plan)
1985 Chun-Chung gymnasium, stadium and overpass, Kaohsiung
1986 School of Agriculture building, National Taiwan University, Taipei
1986 Dormitory and Activities Center, Taipei Normal College, Taipei
1986 Council of Agriculture building of Executive Yuan, Taipei
1987 School of Engineering building, National Taiwan University, Taipei
1988 Renovation of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
1989 Ta-Tung Road Dormitory of National Chung-Kung University, Tainan
1989 Residential complex for Lian-Bang Construction Corp.
1989 Commercial Enterprise Plaza (Long Shan Lin) of Lian-Bang Construction Corp., Hsin Chuang
1989 Tuntex High-rise residential complex (ten 22 stories), Tainan
1990 Apartment Complex of of Lian-Bang Construction Corp., Ban Chioa
1990 Museum and gas station design for Chine Petrochemical Corporation
1991 Union Development of zone C1 of Taipei Railway Station
1992 Union Development of BR6 Station of the Mucha line of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit
1996 Taichung district High Court
1996 Taichung district High Court Dormitory, Taichung, Taiwan
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