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Photo Album
1930~ At Beijing
Collects photos taken at Beijing during middle to late 30s
1940~ Middle school
Collect middle school photos, taken at Taipei during 40s
1950~ After Graduate
Collect photos after graduated from NCKU, including military sevice and early architect practice
1950~Master study at Cranbrook, MI
Collect photos at Cranbrook, Michigan during late 50s and early 60s
1960~Wedding banquet and Honeymoon
Collects wedding banquet and honeymoon photos
1960~Detroit, MI
Collects photos when working at Detroit, MI around middle 60s
1960~Chicago, IL
Collects photos when working at Chicago, IL at early 70s
1974~Visiting Professor at NCKU, Taiwan
Collects photos during late 70s when teaching at NCKU at Tainan, Taiwan
1980~1990 Photos at Taiwan
Collects photos during 80s to 90s
1990~2000 Photos at Taiwan
Collects photos during 1990s to 2000s
2000~ to Recent
Collects photos after 20000
2000~Lecture and travel at China
Collects photos about multiple trips to China, including lecture and travel
2002~NCKU class reunion
Collects photos for NCKU reunion and early photos of classmates
2003~74th Birthday at Taipei
Collects photos at 74th birthday with family at Taipei
Personal Album
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